Superior Geographical Location

Shunyi District is located in the northeastern part of Beijing, 30 kilometers away from Tiananmen Square and 15 kilometers away from sub-center of the capital. It has a population of 1.12 milliion and covers an area of 1,021 square kilometers, of which the plain area makes up 95.7%. As China's largest and the world's second largest airport, Beijing Capital International Airport stands in Shunyi, with the annual passenger traffic of nearly 100 million person-times. Metro Line 15 and two airport light rail lines enhance its connection with the central city. The Beijing-Shenyang high-speed rail line passes by Shunyi and forms a convenient way for the residents along the line to visit the central city. Expressways such as Beijing-Chengde Expressway, Beijing-Pinggu Expressway and Airport Expressway, and highways such as Shuntong Road, Shunping Road, Baima Road, and Changjin Road run through the whole district, forming a road network of “seven east-west lines, seventeen south-north lines, and six expressways.

Strong economic strength

In the year of 2018, Shunyi District achieved the total GDP of 186.4 billion yuan (ranking the first in the five newly developed districts), the general public budget revenue of 15.93 billion yuan. The construction investment of the district reached 20.19 billion yuan, while the retail sales of social consumer goods increased by 5.2% and per capita disposable personal income grew to 36,575 yuan.

International Five-star Hotels Gather

Shunyi district attracts high-end services such as finance, cultural and creative business, exhibition economies and aviation services. The financial industry is booming, with more than 320 emerging financial institutions and nearly 400 billion yuan of industrial funds. It is turning into the industrial and emerging finance center of Beijing.

High degree of internationalization

There are more than 500 hotels with different styles in Shunyi District, including 32 five-star international chain hotels, 75 four-star hotels and more than 150 three-star hotels, ranging from 5,000-person exhibition hotels, high-end villa hot spring hotels, courtyard hotels and private garden hotels to specially designed residential accommodations to meet different travel needs and can serve international companies well.

High-tech Industry Agglomeration

Shunyi is the base of the capital's advanced manufacturing and the transformation of the Sci-tech achievements. Shunyi is striving to construct a “3+4+1” industrial structure, i.e. facilitating the development of the three innovative industrial clusters of “the new energy smart vehicles, the third-generation semiconductors, the aviation and aerospace industry”, promoting four major modern service industries of “airport economy, industry finance, business exhibition and cultural tourism”, and speeding up the development of “ intelligent manufacturing”

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